The future of plastic cards - Ecological plastic cards & wooden cards
Plastic cards are an important part of corporate image. They are also often used by different organizations and associations. Today, plastic cards serve as loyalty cards, gift cards, id cards, id badges, access control cards, membership cards, credit cards or business cards.
Plastic cards are part of everyones daily routines. People pay shoppings with plastic cards, pay their bus trips, use cards in the office as access control device, enter the gym with them etc. Every year, tens of billions of plastic cards are made all over the world. Usually plastic cards are manufactured from PVC-plastic. After use plastic cards end up in landfills. And as PVC-plastic is very hard to recycle, there is a  problem as landfills are growing and growing.  
Ecologicalcards.com offer an environmental-friendly solution. We make ecological alternatives for PVC-plastic cards. You can choose from ecological plastic material to wooden cards. 
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